Monday, July 28, 2014

Ice Prince and Yvonne Nelson ... don't they just look so hot together?

Emmm... weren't they former sweethearts? These photos though not romantic, show sparks flying all around. So all those for a Yvonne Nelson and Ice Prince rekindle say yaaay! A few days ago, Yvonne posted a photo of herself with her BFF, actor John Dumelo and said she hasn't started again, many told her to just stop lying to herself and finally accept that its more than friendship between them. I laughed when I saw some of the comments but just didn't want to bring that post here. 

But this morning, she posted these photos of herself with Ice, taken on set of her new movie- 'House of Gold' which was shot a while back, and somehow, it feels like there's still something lying there for these two. Wonder why they didn't hit it off on set. Who knows?... maybe someday soon. So John Dumelo, make a run for it if you will, otherwise Yvonne and Ice are possible love suspects.

And Davido fires back at Wizkid... "pull half my crowd before talking shit'

So again we are back right where we started... Wizkid throws a shade, Davido replies with his own dose of venom.  What an epic drama featuring Wizkid and Davido. The script was written long ago by their fans who have always compared their talents and now the plot is thickening. Recall both stars have always denied reports that they are in competition? 

At least now, they are done with being in denial, more so, they've ditched posting innuendos on social media, their shots are more direct now, hopefully, soon they'll graduate to mentioning names, (Lol)... not like we can't read between the lines but what makes for a better beef is when you mention names. Take a cue from your beef veterans guys. 

Battle of supremacy: Wizkid is still firing shots at Davido... :)

Wizkid isn't done with throwing shades at Davido. After his successful show at Irving Plaza on Saturday July 26th, which was supported by Konvict musik boss and singer, Akon and Nigerian born-American-based rapper, Wale who performed on stage with him, he came online to thank his fans but while he was at it, he made sure to drop a subtle shade at Davido. 

Wizkid's show witnessed a remarkable turnout, even Reality stars - Natalie Nunn and Mz Jersey, were at the concert. 

Not sure what this is about again... is this still about music or who does a better show or something else? Me think this is becoming petty.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Ibinabo Fiberesima is a small girl who doesn't knw anything" John Okafor fires back

Comic actor, John Okafor, aka Mr. Ibu has fired back at the president,  of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima, calling her a “small girl." Before now, Mr. Ibu accused Ibinabo of misrepresenting the AGN in Aso Rock and that the guild members are displeased with her administration. It was followed by Ibinabo firing back at Mr. Ibu, saying he's not a member of AGN and that he's the one who goes to beg at Aso Rock. Well, Mr. Ibu was taken up on the matter by Punch and he didn't spare IB any mercy: 
On not being a member of the AGN:

“I was the chief coach for AGN for four years. If I’m not a member, why would I be appointed? She is just looking for something to hold. The issue is that she is a small girl, she doesn’t know anything and I was trying to correct her but she was seeing it as if I was abusing her.


Olamide goes motivational, shares 7 things not worry about as your pursue your dream

Indigenous rapper, Olamide shared this timeless advice on the 7 things not to worry about as you pursue your dreams.
  1. Your Age: It's just a number in a head: The world is full of people of all ages who have followed their dreams. 
  2. Other Peoples Opinions: The world is full of cynical people too afraid to follow their own dreams.
  3. Success & Failure: It is the pursuit of the dream and not the final outcome that makes your life a success.
  4. If You are Talented Enough: It is the brave who succeed, and not necessarily the talented.
  5. Financial Wealth & Security: Nothing will inhibit your adventures like your love of comfort.
  6. Bad Days & Rough Seasons: Your motivation will come and go, persist on even the toughest of days.
  7. Your Sanity: The world will say that you're crazy until you succeed.

Proof ...Wizkid believes Davido's 'Fake ass nigga' sub was aimed at him, fires back with another sub

Now this is getting interesting, just yesterday, fresh reports emerged that Davido's "Fake ass nigga, Thats Y he's got none of his day 1 niggas around him" sub wasn't aimed at Wizkid. Abeg, disregard that, my bad!. These dudes are either fighting or pulling publicity stunts for their concerts in the US. 

So here's the new gist, this morning, Wizkid came on Instagram to post photos of himself chilling with some of his 'niggas'. He posted a photo of himself chilling with celebrity fashion designer, Adetola Odunlami which he mischievously captioned: "Cooling with my day 1." If that doesn't scream a major sub, I wonder what else will? Notice the middle finger saying the rest. Lol.

So here's my theory- Davido and Wizkid ran into each other earlier at JFK and took a photo together. Wizkid leaves and posts that he does real venues for his shows, Davido sees that as a shade directed at his crowded concert a few months back and feels Wizkid was being fake. I mean, they just shared a photo together. And so, the cryptic subs being thrown on social media. But as far as the fans go, one moment they are condemning Wizkid for subbing Davido and the next they are cheering him for giving what some of them termed the "best reply." Mehn! I dont gerrit with fans, you guys just love drama. See the comments inside...

'Everyone is crazy in Lagos' - Etcetera writes

Culled from Punch
Few weeks ago, I got a call from a friend asking me out for a drink, but I was already at the Lagos airport. “I’m not going to be around for the next few days,” I told him. “I’m going to Abuja.” His immediate reaction was – “Why? What’s wrong? Do you want to bore yourself to death?” That’s the typical response I get whenever I tell someone I am travelling to Abuja. Abuja is a beautiful city with a terrible reputation for boredom. I have heard people in other cities speak of Lagos as a noisy, dirty and dangerous city filled with crazy people. In truth, everyone in Lagos is crazy. What else do you expect in a state crammed with 22 million people?

It must be a hell of a job for the governor and his officials keeping everyone under law and order daily. Lagos has a peculiar vibe that can’t be found anywhere in the world, so much that “Lagos Hustle” is a commonly used phrase among Nigerians. I would rather go crazy living in Lagos than be bored to death in Abuja, Ibadan or Enugu. Abuja leaves you chewing your finger nails out of boredom. If you doubt me, whenever you have a visitor from Abuja, check his/her finger nails. They are always short and well chewed. Even the Hausa local nail trimmers have all migrated elsewhere due to the nail scarcity. It is said that people in Lagos argue for at least two hours daily. It is true; we love to generate arguments out of everything. We argue everywhere, in buses and even during church services. Now Telemundo has become a cause for more argument among the girls here. So why are they surprised that we are crazy in this city? How many people can stay sane for long with the screams of Telemundo girls and the wailing sirens of police and government officials constantly beating their eardrums? 
 Lol. about the Telemundo girls, I am addicted to it too, but to argue? Nah!!! Read the rest inside...

Chigozie Atuanya acquires Honda Goldwing motorbike

Nollywood actor, Chigozie Atuanya has acquired a red Honda Goldwing motorcycle. The actor who is currently in the US to promote his Igbo movie - 'Chetanna' took a pose with the 'beauty.' So the next Chigozie will be cruising round Lagos, it'll be on his motorbike.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Naeto C and wife welcome baby girl today

Rapper Naeto C and his wife Nicole, have welcomed their second child, a baby girl. The baby arrived today, Friday July 25 in hospital in the UK. Naeto C was with his wife during the delivery. The couple who got married in July 2012, welcomed their first child, a son on March 25th, 2013, in Washington DC. Congrats to them.

'Regina Askia gave me the most competition + Terrence Howard is my Hollywood crush' - Omotola tweets

So actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde spent over four hours chatting with her fans on twitter this afternoon. Like I promised, I've done a screen grab of some of the questions that I found interesting. She revealed that Regina Askia gave her the most competition at the beginning of her career, that Terrence Howard is her Hollywood crush, Jim Iyke to her is the most fashionable Nollywood actor and that Sound Sultan is her favourite Nigerian musician. And yes, she talked about having time for sex and wifely duties. Lol. See the tweets inside...

"I could have married Ayo Adesanya' - Pasuma recounts + Says he's now ready for marriage

Popular Fuji star, Pasuma, real name Wasiu Odetola who has children out of wedlock says he is finally ready to settle down with the right woman. He added that he could have married starry-eyed Nollywood actress, Ayo Adesanya but the relationship didn't work out. Below is what he said:
“I had all my children out of wedlock, and really I could have been married to Ayo Adesanya when I wanted to settle down, but it didn’t really work. And personally, when I was younger, I always saw it as enjoyment, I didn’t really think about marriage, but now I think I need it and am sure it will happen very soon. But let me tell you this that I am a good father, because I try as much as possible to take good care of my children, give them good education and unite them,” he stated.

Davido and Wizkid spotted at NYC together + Davido's sub wasn't directed at Wizkid

Yesterday BET winner, Davido fired shots at an undisclosed artiste on Twitter and a lot of fans immediately thought it was directed at Wizkid who also allegedly subbed Davido when he said on Instagram that he performs at real venues, referring to his Saturday show at Irving Plaza, NYC.

Well, contrary to popular online opinion, it turns out that Davido's - "fake ass nigga. That's y he got none of his day 1 niggas around" comment was not meant for Wizkid. Actually, both singers were spotted yesterday (picture above) at JFK airport in NYC, and it seems all is well with them and that Davido's comment was directed at another popular artiste.

Annie Idibia shares photo of her daughters on a stroll

Annie Idibia shared this adorable photo of her older daughter, Isabelle wheeling her baby sis in a stroller. She wrote beneath the photo: 

"When u r a MOTHER u never really alone with ur tots! It's a life time job,and it d job I love d best!thank u Jesus for this amazing Duty! #missMySunshineNshootingStar #amazingBlessings #myChildren #myStrenght #theyKeepMeGrounded #missDemsomuch #workingMom #Actor #philanthropist"

Motherhood has really done something to Annie. I like.